Photo & Retouching
Fermented Tunes
A step by step in basic blending layers in Photoshop

We all have had that bowl of fruit

It’s the same story every time…
You have this idea of eating a bit more healthy and therefore go and buy a bag of fruit, or even worse, start a fruitbasket subscription! Then at the end of the week, all you have is a sad, brown spotted, reminder how you failed at this simple little idea
I decided to use this bowl of failure for something good and that was to get an idea out of my head. I wasn’t expecting the end result to turn out both fun but at the sometime a bit disturbing. 

Step 1

Use the KISS method – Keep It Simple Stupid
This is not about taking the perfect shot or making it look perfect in camera. It’s just material. So keep it simple. Table, flash, camera, object – click – done. This took me no more then 10 min.
What was that, ”What settings should i use in the camera?” – If you dont know, go auto! 
Moving on! 

Step 2

Be fermented.

Remove the table, place yourself in front of the camera, under the light and let loose. 

Take a lot of angles, you never know what angle look the best, 

Step 3

Make some adjustments in Adobe Camera Raw 

Once you have a selection of the image you want to use. Make some basic adjustments in camera raw. Brighten, add some warmth and bring back some shadows. Not too much tho as we dont want to reveal to much of the background.

Focus on the lips and teeths, thats the important parts. 

Step 4

Lets do some photoshoping! 
  1. Make a rough selection around the mouth.
  2. Press cmd+j to make a copy.
  3. Turn this copy in to a smart object (external link).
  4. Drag the mouth to the image of fruit and place it accordingly.

Step 5

Transform and mask
  1. Transform (and warp if you need to) the mouth layer on to the fruit so it fits.
  2. Set a mask on the layer and use a soft brush to make the edges of the mouth blend smoothly in to the banana.
  3. If the banana skin shows behind the mouth, remove this by cloning the background over the banana.

Step 6

Where the magic happens, blend mode Luminosity.
  1. Make a copy of your mouth layer, put this new layer in the blend mode (external link) of luminosity.
  2. Go back to the layer below and start removing the edges of the mouth by masking them out.
  3. Create a curves adjusment layer or levels to adjust the luminosity layer to fit in brightness with the banana skin. 

Step 7

Do it again, and again, and again… 
  1. Repeat the same process for all the fruits.
  2. One normal layer, one luminosity layer and make some adjusments in order for the material to fit better in each other. 
  3. Remember to use soft brushes with low flow and opacity in order to make the blend more soft and seamless. 

Step 8

Do nuts or go home.

From this point theres no telling of what could happen to the image.

I decided to add some smoke coming from the mouths to enhance the effect of sound coming out. I did this by making a solid color layer, putting in blend mode screen, lower the opacity and then used a smoke brush in low opacity. If you dont have smokebrush just remember that google is your friend.

Further on, give the image a tone by adding some adjustment layers at the top.

Step 9

The final touch with bokeh & flare

You always want to give the image that little extre detail and you can never go wrong with bokeh and flare. Well I guess you could but it usually works, as it did here, at least I think. 

These images was placed at the top of the layerstack, put in blend mode screen, added some contrast to change the effect and finally masked away parts of it. 

Step 10

Get it out the and make it public! 

Be proud of your work and let it be known!

Thanks for watching!

If you have any question on some of the steps..
Your more them welcome to send us a email
or follow us on instagram 

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